Hong Kong educationcustom baseball wristbands groups appeal to young people to stay away from violence

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A rioter throws a gasoline bomb at police in Wan Chai on Sunday. [PHOTO/CHINA DAILY]

HONG KONG -- Twenty-five education groups in Hong Kong issued a joint statement on Monday to appeal to young people not to engage in violent or illegal activities.

Over the past few months, many young people participated in violent protests and paid a high price for it. "As educators, we are deeply saddened by this," the statement said.

The statement said that recently some people on the internet threatened to escalate the violence and called for more vigorous actions. The education sector is deeply concerned about this, worrying that more students will get involved in it.

"We appeal earnestly to young people to protect themselves, stay away from violent scenes, and do not participate in illegal acts, so as not to harm themselves and ruin their future," the statement said.

The education groups hoped that parents and educators pay more attention to young people and teach them to stay away from violence and hatred.

Hong Kong Higher Education Convergence said in a press release on Monday that recent protests have become constant illegal violent activities, and a large number of students were arrested since June.

It appealed to young people to cherish themselves and their relationships with families, and not to break the law.

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